Huangshi HBM Ecological Industry,Inc

Huangshi HBM Ecological Industry,Inc. is the frst strategic investment by HBM group in Ecological industries.Starting from 3000 ares planting,HBM will get into full rangs of eco products planting and manufacturing. Green our globe,Green HBM!


Huangshi HBM has used five years to transform barren hills into oil forests, 30 thousand acres, to create high-quality tea plantation demonstration area.


Huangshi HBM constant Camellia planting of large-scale development of barren land, also use the current ecological forest ecological pig breeding chickens, and wild animal, with scattered stocking way, to create safe and green food.


Huangshi HBM will be based on the ecological culture of the camellia Guaguo and progress, and gradually improve the deep processing and other downstream products and investment factory.


Based on the superior landscape resources of Huangshi and Yangxin and the magnificent Camellia oleifera forest which has been transformed by Huangshi Heng Bao, Huangshi Heng Bao will carry out a full set of tourism development, set up hotels, conference centers, leisure fishing, photography base and the whole ecological catering service.

Wuhan HBM Senior Charity Center

MengFuYuanis the Wuhan Hanjiang District Civil Affairs Bureau approved the high standard of pension institutions established, MengFuyuan pension center with a sense of responsibility, to charity, to the relief of the main service based on interest, supplemented, admitted to "three noes" of personnel, to help take care of themselves or self-care difficult in the elderly, and the children are not around the empty nest the old man. Paula Fuyuan constant in the Civil Affairs Bureau under the guidance of the principle of blessing to the world, to provide residential care, health, fitness, leisure, entertainment, making friends as one of the modern multifunctional nursing service.

MengFuYuan is the pension institutions in the United States HBM Fuyuan Group funded by the U.S. Hambo group is a leading global provider of medical devices, in China also has many factories. The United States HBMgroup to repay the society with gratitude, fully funded Paula Fuyuan constant in Jiangcheng. At the same time set its global appeal, the mobilization of global philanthropist regularly visit Mongolia fuyuan. Also with the help of the group network, people can organize inter provincial exchanges and tourism activities, exchange places, exchange environment, let Wuhan old people can go to Guilin sightseeing, let Shanghai old people can come to Wuhan guest。